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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Administrasi BUMN (Badan Usaha Milik Negara)Sendouw, Recky H. E.; Mantiri, Jeane
2018Applied Entrepreneurship Education at University of Manadonorth Sulawesi IndonesiaSendouw, Recky H. E.; Kairupan, Sisca B.; Mege, Revolson A.
2020Determinant factors of regional disparities using new economic geography framework in Indonesia, post decentralizationSendouw, Recky H. E.; Lonto, Apeles Lexi; Saroinsong, Sam J. R
2019Entrepreneurship Education for Creating Student Entrepreneurs at Universitas Negeri ManadoSendouw, Recky H. E.; Saroinsong, Sam J. R; Kairupan, Sisca Beatrix
2018Implementation of KPU Regulation No. 2 of 2017 by Minahasa KPUD on The Implementation of Pemilukada 2018Mamonto, Fitri H.; Langkai, Jeane E.; Sendouw, Recky H. E.; Pangkey, Itje; Mantiri, Jeane
2018The Implementation of Policy For The Program Family of Hope in Subdistrict Pineleng North SulawesiMandagi, Marthinus; Kairupan, Sisca B.; Sendouw, Recky H. E.; Langkai, Jeane E.
2015-11Indonesia Inter-Provincial Aggregate and Disaggregate AnalysisSendouw, Recky H. E.
2018The Influence of Direct Election on Public Pragmatism in North Sulawesi IndonesiaKairupan, Sisca B.; Tuerah, Ignatius Javier C.; Sendouw, Recky H. E.
2018The Influence of Leadership Behavior and Work Motivation on Performance of Physical Education's Teachers in Manado City IndonesiaPodung, Beatrix J.; Tuilan, Jeane; Sendouw, Recky H. E.
2018-07IPTEKS BAGI MAHASISWA KEWIRAUSAHAAN DI UNIVERSITAS NEGERI MANADOSendouw, Recky H. E.; Mege, Revolson A.; Tuilan, Jeane; Mantiri, Jeane
2016Kewirausahaan TerapanSendouw, Recky H. E.
2018Moral Work, Teaching Profession and Character Education in Forming Students' CharactersLonto, Apeles Lexi; Wua, Telly; Pangalila, Theodorus; Sendouw, Recky H. E.
2018-07The Underlying Factors of Regional Income Disparities in IndonesiaSendouw, Recky H. E.; Lonto, Apeles L.; Tuerah, Ignatius Javier C.
2018Utilization of Green Open Space on the Boulevard City of ManadoKairupan, Sisca B.; Ngadiman, Angelia B.; Mantiri, Jeane; Sendouw, Recky H. E.; Mandagi, Marthinus