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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-12Affective Household Assessment Activities of Electrical Installation PracticesPonto, Hantje; Sanger, Rudy
2018Dasar Teknik ListrikPonto, Hantje
2018Designing Affective Domain Evaluation Instrument for Basics Electrical Subject in Vocational High SchoolPonto, Hantje; Tasiam, Fid J; Wonggo, Djafar
2019Developing Students' Science Process Skills in the Learning of ElectricityPonto, Hantje; Sangi, Nontje Merie
2019-07Development of an Assessment of Science Process Skills of Basic Electrical Engineering in the Vocational High SchoolPonto, Hantje
2016Evaluasi Pembelajaran Pendidikan KejuruanPonto, Hantje
2020The Evaluation of Affective Domain Learning Outcome in Students' Basic Learning of Electrical Circuit in Vocational Education SchoolPonto, Hantje
2017Hibah Penelitian KompetitifPonto, Hantje
2020Methods of Learning the Concept of Basic Electric Circuits: A Comparative Study between Lecture, Discussion and CollaborationPonto, Hantje
2013Pembimbing KKNPonto, Hantje
2017Pembimbing Seminar S2Ponto, Hantje
2016Pembimbing SkripsiPonto, Hantje
2014-06Pengaruh Penilaian Dosen Terhadap Motivasi Belajar Mahasiswa Fakultas Teknik UnimaPonto, Hantje
2018-10Principal Managerial Ability Evaluation Instrument Design of Vocation High SchoolTambingon, Henny Nikolin; Semuel, Wayan; Ponto, Hantje
2018-10Soft Skill Assessment Development in Basic Electrical Engineering Activities of Vocational High SchoolPonto, Hantje; Rompas, Parabelem Tinno Dolf; Sanger, Rudy