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Title: Studi tentang kondisi Hidro-Oseanografi dan Bathimetri Pantai Bajo – Popareng, Kabupaten Minahasa Selatan
Authors: Kumaat, Joyce Christian
Kumajas, Mithel
Moningkey, Agnes T
Keywords: coastal
harmonic analysis
formzhal index
Issue Date: 2007
Publisher: Jurnal Geografi dan Pembangunan Wilayah, Jurusan Geografi, Unima
Series/Report no.: 3;
Abstract: Important to management of coastal area, drawn by destroying of almost most its good coastal area and also existence form unfold its nature. This study aim, to study physical parameter like sea current, tidal and bathymetry in coast of Bajo and Popareng . From result of research, surface current distribution has speed 0.01 - 0.9 m / sec in 18 experiment sample. While, maximum current (Umax) measured at deepness 0.8d is equal to 0.60 m/sec. Hereinafter, tidal type from result of tidal harmonic analysis during 15 days observation shown by ratio of Formzahl is 0.40 interpreted as semi-diurnal tide, that is one day there are twice high water and twice low tide. Furthermore, information about bathymetric survey at Bajo and Popareng beach, deepness variation shown with coastal morphology identified from 49 profiles follow the example of steep and sloping coast.
URI: http://localhost:8080/xmlui/handle/123456789/140
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