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Title: Adaptation and Mitigation of Climate Change on Small islands in the Sitaro Islands Regency of North Sulawesi
Authors: Kumaat, Joyce Christian
Mege, Revolson A
Suoth, Grace
Maliangkay, Deny
Keywords: Kalama
Issue Date: 18-Oct-2018
Publisher: Atlantis Press
Citation: @inproceedings{Kumaat2018, title={Adaptation and Mitigation of Climate Change on Small islands in the Sitaro Islands Regency of North Sulawesi}, author={Kumaat, Joyce Christian and Mege, Revolson A. and South, Grace and Maliangkay, Deny}, year={2018}, booktitle={1st International Conference on Social Sciences (ICSS 2018)}, issn={2352-5398}, isbn={978-94-6252-588-7}, url={}, doi={10.2991/icss-18.2018.149}, publisher={Atlantis Press} }
Series/Report no.: Advances in Social Science, Education and Humanities Research;226
Abstract: The research aims (1) knowing the adaptation ability of coastal peoples in Kalama Island, Tatoareng District Sangihe Island Regency to climate change that occurs; (2) analyze the impact caused by climate change on the fisheries sector in Kalama Island, Tatoareng District Sangihe Island Regency, and (3) adaptation strategies undertaken by coastal peoples, especially for fishermen in Kalama Island in the face of climate change. The research method applied is a qualitative descriptive survey method. This research was conducted in Kalama Island where the population in Tatoareng district that located in Kalama Island was 200 families with reference to the research variables namely: people adaptation and climate change. Furthermore, data collection techniques are carried out by observation, questionnaire and documentation. While the data analysis technique is carried out qualitatively by recapitulating the answers, compiling the respondent's presentation table, the description and interpretation of the data that has been tabulated and then concluding the results of the research data. The results showed that coastal communities in the island of Tatoareng who are generally fishermen felt that climate change was happening lately, indicated by the answer that most of the coastal communities as a whole were still unable to develop strategies to adapt to climate or weather changes such as wind, bulk rain and waves. Information that received by the community is still very lacking with the condition of the remote island, so they have very little information in real time from printed or electronic media. Physically, Kalama Island experienced several problems such as the presence of coastal abrasion due to the coastal conditions that have experienced physical degradation along the coast of Kalama Island.
URI: http://localhost:8080/xmlui/handle/123456789/169
ISSN: 2352-5398
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