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Title: Social Capital Contribution to Economic Actors in Mix Barter Transactions in Pasar Blante, Kawangkoan
Authors: Kimbal, Rahel Widiawati
Senduk, Ventje. A.
Tawas, Yance
Keywords: Pasar Blante
Social Capital
Mix barter transaction
Issue Date: 18-Oct-2018
Publisher: Atlantis Press
Citation: International Conference on Social Sciences (ICSS)
Series/Report no.: Volume 226;
Abstract: Pasar Blante contitutes one of the traditional markets in the socio-economic life in Minahasa, North Sulawesi. As a traditional market, Pasar Blante remain practicing mix barter transaction that is the exchange of goods accompanied by sum money as the additional payment. This phenomenon becomes interesting to be studied considering its big contribution to the local government income.Within this context, this study aims at finding out the form and role of social capital in the mix barter transaction in Pasar Blante. This study is carried out in the frame of qualitative research design focusing on the case study. Data collection is done by applying the tringulation of observation, interview and documentation. The data are analyzed in the way of Spradley model. The findings show that the economic doers in Pasar Blante involve social capital in their mix barter transaction in three forms. First, the social capital among cattle owners which function in terms of commitment and familial negotiation in the spirit of Tumimboi se pa’roma. Second, the form of social capital among cattle owners and tukang blante (market brokers) fuunction in terms of establishing the freedom for transaction and mutual respect among them as well as mutual responsibility. The last, the form of social capital among cattle owners, makelar and tukang blante which function in terms of the obedience to the previously aggreed rules as reflected in the habit of tumimboi wakkes (holding the cattle rope) and the willingness to give full authority to makelar to mediate the transaction and stick with that commitment even it is merely done orally, not written.
URI: http://localhost:8080/xmlui/handle/123456789/204
ISBN: 978-94-6252-588-7
ISSN: 2352-5398
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