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Title: Myostatin mRNA Expression and its Association with Carcass and Body Weight of Local Pigs from the Islands in North Sulawesi, Indonesia
Authors: Mege, Revolson Alexius
Mokosuli, Yermia Semuel
Manampiring, Nonny
Rayer, Debby
Montolalu, Friska Mery
Keywords: Body Weight, Carcass, Local Pigs, Mrna Expression, Myostatin.Gene Livestock Breeds.
Issue Date: Jul-2019
Publisher: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering and Sciences Publication
Series/Report no.: International Journal of Recent Technology and Engineering;Vol. 8 Issue 2S
Abstract: Myostatin gene is known as a member of the growth gene's superfamily (TGF-β) which works to suppress the muscle growth. This study was designed to investigate the Myostatin mRNA expression and its association with body weight and carcass of local pigs from the islands in North Sulawesi.The parameters measured were Myostatin mRNA expression by reverse tranriptase RT-PCR, body weight, and carcass weight of local pigs from the islands in North Sulawesi. mRNA sample is taken from sceletal muscle of sacrifice pigs. The Myostatin primer gene used is F = 5 'CCA CTC CGG GAA CTG ATT GA 3' and R = 5 'TCT CA 3 AGG AGT CTT GAC GGG' with its housekeeping gene GAPDH.The results showed that myostatin mRNA expression was correlated (P <0.05) with body weight and carcass weight of local pigs from the islands in North Sulawesi. Myostatin regulates the carcass and growth performance. Myostatin mRNA expression was correlated with carcass and body weight of local pigs from the islands in North Sulawesi. The expression of the myostatin gene can be used as a cheap selection model and can be done in a shorter time, especially to select quality livestock breeds.
URI: http://localhost:8080/xmlui/handle/123456789/302
ISSN: 2277-3878
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