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Title: Analysis of cythochrome oxidase sub unit 1 Gene (CO1) of fruit fly (Droshophila sp.) from pineapples and aplication in teaching DNA in Senior high school
Authors: Sumampouw, Herry Maurits
Mokosuli, Yermia Semuel
Oka, Dewa Nyoman
Keywords: Analysis of cythochrome oxidase, teaching DNA
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: Gupta Publication India
Series/Report no.: International Journal of Advanced Education and Research;PAGES: 71-77 | VOL. 2, ISSUE 2 2017
Abstract: DNA analysis is still difficult to implement in high schools in Indonesia due to limitations of equipment and materials. Has conducted research that aims to analyze the CO1 gene in fruit flies, from pineapples and its application as a teaching material in DNA study in high school. CO1 gene amplification results pineapple fruit fly has a long 664 bp. The results of the analysis of alignment with the method of BLAST on NCBI website ( obtained pineapple fruit flies CO1 sequence have a level 99% similarity with Drosophila ananassae [JQ679117.1]. Reconstruction of phylogenies by Maximum Likelihood models indicate pineapple fruit fly has the closest kinship with Droshohila pseudoannanasae [AY757280]. Application as a teaching material in high school subject DNA produce learning outcomes and student learning activities in the very good category. Activities and student learning outcomes are also supported by the response of students and teachers to study media at the very good category.
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ISSN: ISSN: 2455-5746
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