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Title: Higher Education Students' Behaviour to Adopt Mobile Learning
Authors: Batmetan, Johan Reimon
Palilingan, Verry Ronny
Issue Date: 22-Feb-2018
Publisher: IOP Publishing Ltd
Citation: J R Batmetan and V R Palilingan 2018 IOP Conf. Ser.: Mater. Sci. Eng. 306 012067
Series/Report no.: IOP Conf. Series: Materials Science and Engineering;306
Abstract: Mobile phone is an electronic device most often used by Y generation in Indonesia. This ages have become an important part in the growth of higher education in this country. The problem raised in this study is that very few students in higher education are adopting and accessing digital learning content using mobile phones. The objective of this study is to investigate the higher education students' behaviour in using mobile learning. The research method used is Structural equation models (SEM) method to analyse the factors that influence higher education students' behaviour in using mobile learning. The results of this study indicate tends of this student 85% to keep internet access in privacy. The majority of respondent is 78% having behaviour to keep adopting mobile learning and still use it in the future. Why? because this study shows that on the level of usability, easy to use, easy to learn, in various devices have a significant effect on the level of adoption of mobile learning. Implication of this study is higher education students' behaviour of especially Y generation tends to prioritize the usability towards mobile learning and will continue to adopt mobile learning in the future.
URI: http://localhost:8080/xmlui/handle/123456789/40
ISSN: 1757-899X
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