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Title: Design Mobile Learning (M-LEARNING) Android English For Young Learners
Authors: Salaki, Reynaldo Joshua
Mogea, Tini
Oroh, Elisabeth Zuska
Keywords: English For Young Learners; M-Learning; MDLC
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: -
Series/Report no.: International Conference on Electrical Engineering, Informatics, and Its Education 2015;
Abstract: Development of smartphones can be felt and used by everyone. The use of smarthphone in education received little attention. However, without realizing the presence of a smartphone can provide many contributions to the development of education. The implementation of teaching and learning of English is sometimes difficult, especially for the beginners. Using smarthphone in teaching and learning process will attract students’ attetion and increase their motivation in leaning the language. Design of mobile learning (m-learning) android in learning English is an innovative development and it is expected that it will be be useful for the teacher to teach English. In this study Smartphone is used as a medium for teaching. This study uses the development of the Multimedia Development Life Cycle (MDLC). The development of mobile learning method development, from concept, design, collection of materials, assembly, testing up to the stage where each stage of distribution may be made if the previous stage has been completed
URI: http://localhost:8080/xmlui/handle/123456789/421
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