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Title: An Analysis of Regional Language Expressions in Tondanonese Community Ritual Prayers
Authors: Sambeka, Fince Leny
Lensun, Sherly
Sumampouw, Rianna Jona
Hosang, Nooke
Keywords: analysis, expression, regional language.
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Atlantis Press
Series/Report no.: 1st International Conference on Social Sciences (ICSS 2018);Advances in Social Science, Education and Humanities Research, volume 226
Abstract: In Minahasa, there are various ethnic groups with their own language: Tountemboan, Tombulu, Tonsea, Tonsawang, and Toulour group. Tolour subethnic with its language and culture is the object of this research. The Toulour language consists of three dialects, namely Tondanonese, Romboken, and Kakas dialects, namely Tondanonese, Romboken, and Kakas dialects [1]. This research is focused on Tondanonese language in Tondanonese dialect.The Toulour community in its old belief sees each human activity not separated from natural environment, including the spirits of the dead and “opo-opo” that can influence the daily life. Disaster in the community comes from daily life transgressions or deviations from customary regulation by a small community group. The transgressions makes the “opo-opo” ancestors angry. The anger is realized in the form of disaster. Therefore, ritual is necessary to avoid the upcoming or the on-going disaster.This research is based on ethnolinguistic concept, focusing on Whorf’s statement) that in a community determined by fact viewpoint, the fact is determined by language.The data were collected from the field by using observation method and interviewing the informants by using descriptive questions: grand tour questions, mini tour questions, example and experience questions. The data were analyzed in line with Spradly’s. On every ritual implementation, the element of language plays a very important role. Language is a sign system revealing ideas. For that reason the sign system revealing ideas. For that reason, the sign system used can be compared with the deaf-mute alphabet system, symbolic ceremonies, etiquette expressions, military signals, etc. The language in tact is a sequence of impressions stored in the brain of each community member. Each language has a number of expressions containing advice and lessons on life, goodness and wisdom expressed can be in the form of words, terms and phrases; if seen from language expressions point of view, they contain the most precise meaning [4].The whole existing language aspects and behavior absorbed in culture which implicitly and explicitly revealedthrough words, both simple comments and long interviews (Spradly, 2007)
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