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Title: Humanistic Psychology Analysis In Novel Madogiwa No Tottochan
Authors: Sumampouw, Rianna J.
Masoko, Marly
Lensun, Sherly F.
Keywords: psychology;humanistic; need; Maslow; novel.
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: Atlantis Press
Series/Report no.: Advances in Social Science, Education and Humanities Research, volume 383;
Abstract: This research is in the form of disclosure of the needs of existing students at Tomoe Gakuen school. Needs classified according to Abraham Maslow's multilevel needs theory of figures: 1). Totto-chan, 2) Takahashi-kun, 3). Yasuaki Yamamoto (Yasuaki-chan) and (4) Akira Takahashi (Takahashi-kun). In the novel Madogiwa no Totto Chan by Tetsuko Kuroyanagi. Novel Madogiwa No Totto-chan applies the right educational methods in educating children. By paying attention to the educational methods applied by the Kobayashi Principal, we can take an example of how to achieve optimal educational goals. Physiological needs shown by the character Totto-chan who is the main character in this novel where he has a need to note where the true nature of Totto chan is an aggressive, brave child, curious. The need for security is shown by the figure of Kunio Oe (Oe-kun). Oe-kun, who was originally a character who has a naughty and annoying personality, can turn out to be a better person who no longer repeats his mistakes. Oe-kun is a character who has a dynamic personality because he has a personality that develops into a better child. The Need for Love and Belonging was demonstrated by Principal Sosaku Kobayashi. Sosaku Kobayashi, a man who has inspiration and vision in building the Tomoe school. Principal Kobayashi believes that every child has a good character at birth. As time goes on, children's personality development is influenced by other factors, namely family factors and environmental factors. Therefore, the principal of Kobayashi tried to find the good character and develop it so that children could develop into a distinctive person. The headmaster of Kobayashi is also an educator who has a warm personality and is very much liked by students. The need for self esteem was shown by the main character Totto-chan. In Tomoe School, Totto-chan was educated in appropriate ways, so Totto-chan's attitude began to change. The second character is Yasuaki Yamamoto (Yasuaki-chan). Yasuaki chan is a child who has a physical abnormality due to poly sickness. She doesn't feel inferior to her situation but feels confident because Totto-chan showed love to Yasuaki-chan and accepted her friend's shortcomings, this made Yasuaki Chan confident and feel appreciated. They often eat lunch together, spend breakfast together, and walk together, and walk together to the station after school. This is an attitude of appreciation to friends and self-respect. The need for self-actualization (need for actualization) is shown by the character Akira Takahashi (Takahashi-kun). The nature of Takahashi is patient, gregarious. He is a male student who has an imperfect body growth. Tahashi-kun's initial attitude was shy but because Principal Kobayashi realized that having an abnormal body, Takahashi-kun would have a sense of insecurity. Therefore, Principal Kobayashi educates Takahashi-kun in the right way and is very concerned about his growth. The education and attention given by the Kobayashi Principal had a positive impact on Takahashi-kun's personality. One of them is to be a child who is confident and brave. He developed into a child who was confident because of the right attention and upbringing from the Principal of Kobayashi. Based on his personality changes, it can be concluded that Takahashi-kun is a figure who has a dynamic personality because he has a personality that develops into a better child
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