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Authors: Kimbal, Rahel Widiawati
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: Universitas Pelita Harapan
Series/Report no.: Jurnal DoReMa;Vol. 15 No. 1 2020
Abstract: Thisstudy aims at finding out the role of social capital among woman workers in the effort of strengthening the management of small industry enterprise. Qualitatively, this study constitutes a case study on UIK Kacang Hai Jessivar. Data collection appliestriangulation technigue such as observation, interview and documentation. Data analysis employes Spradley Model. The findings show that social capital is formed by the presence of several aspects detected in the interactionamong the enterprise owner with woman workers. The social capital can be identified in the followings; (1) trust among the enterprise owner and woman workers, (3) friendship and family network. (3) shared and agreed norm of the two sides., (4) Value based upon religion and cultural heritage, and (5) obligation of exchanging kindness among the enterprises owner and woman workers. The role of the social capital in strengthening the management of UIK Kacang Hai Jessivar can be formulated as follow (1) the workers’responsibility in the production activities, (2) the job distribution, (3) mutual assistance among workers, (4) punctuality of job completion without being necessarily supervised (5) friendship relationship in terms of empowering other women., (6) easiness of finding qualified workers, (7) discipline despite the loose working time, (8) care to workers’ family, (9) honesty and responsibility in the job performance, (10) helping other workers, (11) serving the consumers passionately, (12) respecting the enterprise owner (13) dilligence. Such roles strongly support the progress and existence of the small industry enterprise amidst the threat of the big and modern product of large enterprises. This study recommends the vitality of establishing and maintaining the social capital for the sustainability of small industry enterprise
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