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Title: Characterization of Liquid Smoke from Coconut Shell as a Natural Pesticide for Hexamitodera Semivelutinia Beetle on Clove Trees
Authors: Santoso, Rachmat S.
Keywords: liquid smoke
borer caterpillar
Hexamitodera Semivelutinia
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: Research India Publications
Citation: International Journal of Applied Chemistry
Series/Report no.: Volume 12;Number 3
Abstract: A study has been done on characterization of liquid smoke from coconut shell as pesticide on Heramitodera Semivelutinia beetle. Liquid smoke was made by way of pyrolysis in high temperature in which prior to being analyzed, a purification was conducted to the liquid smoke by filtration and distillation methods. Characterization for acidity was by pH meter, testing acidity total level was using AOAC(1990) method, gas cromatography analysis and mass spectometry gas chromatography. The result of GC-MS analysis showed that liquid smoke from coconut shell produced 7 peaks in which based on GC-MS library data, 2 chromatogram peaks of gas cromatography cromatogram indicate compound from groups of organic acids, phenol and carbonyl compounds, which are methyl acetate, and 1-hydroxy-2-butanones suspected as pesticides. The application of liquid smoke on borer caterpillar (Hexamitodera Semivelutinia) on clove trees with concentrations of 20%, 15%, 10% showed that the level of death of clove caterpillar at concentration of 20% was quite positive compared to concentrations of 15% and 10% at the clove tree age of 8-10 years.
URI: http://localhost:8080/xmlui/handle/123456789/89
ISSN: 0973-1792
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