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Title: Trend of ICT in Teaching and Learning
Authors: Mogea, Tini
Salaki, Reynaldo Joshua
Keywords: ICT, Teaching, Learning, Qualitative Descriptive
Issue Date: Nov-2016
Publisher: -
Series/Report no.: Proceeding: International Social Sciences Academic Conference (ISSAC 2016), Malacca, Malaysia;14-15 November 2016
Abstract: Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is now affecting every aspect of human life. ICT has an important role in workplaces, business, education, and entertainment. Understanding of many people today recognize ICT as a catalyst for change, initiated changes in working conditions, handling and exchanging information, methods of teaching, learning approaches, scientific research, and even in accessing information.The world of education is one of the sectors affected by ICT. This is certainly influential to support learning and teaching in education to be more forward again through the use of ICT media based. In this research will be discussed about Trend of ICT for Teaching and Learning. This research is descriptive qualitative research, the research carried out by conducting a case study at Manado State University and collecting information (Literature) relating to the use of ICT in Teaching and Learning in Education.
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