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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Analysis of cythochrome oxidase sub unit 1 Gene (CO1) of fruit fly (Droshophila sp.) from pineapples and aplication in teaching DNA in Senior high schoolSumampouw, Herry Maurits; Mokosuli, Yermia Semuel; Oka, Dewa Nyoman
2019-07The antihyperlipidemic activity of Apis dorsata Binghami nesting extract in atherogenic diet-induced hyperlipidemic ratsMokosuli, Yermia Semuel; Mege, Revolson Alexius; Gianny, Versya; Rompas, Christny
2019The bioactive contents and antioxidant activity of honey bee nest extract of Apis dorsata Binghami from the North SulawesiMokosuli, Yermia Semuel
2017-02Botanical and phytochemical constituents of several medicinal plants from mount Klabat north MinahasaKaunang, Eva Nonke Sherly; Mokosuli, Yermia Semuel
2019Buku: Potensi Bioaktif dari Apis dorsata Binghami, Lebah Madu endemik SulawesiMokosuli, Yermia Semuel; Kaunang, Eva S N; Manoppo, Jacklin S S
2018-06Characteristics of fatty acids, in local minahasa pigs, north SulawesiAdil, Ellen Hettie; Mege, Revolson Alexius; Mokosuli, Yermia Semuel
2017DNA Barcoding of local pigs in minahasa, north sulawesiMege, Revolson Alexius; Mokosuli, Yermia Semuel
2018-06Isolation and Identification of Thermophilic Bacteria, Producer of Amylase Enzyme, from Lake Linow, North SulawesiSimandjuntak, Suddin; Mokosuli, Yermia Semuel
2019-08Molecular Barcoding Based 16S rRNA Gene of Thermophilic Bacteria from Vulcanic Sites, Linow Lake, TomohonSimanjuntak, Suddin; Mokosuli, Yermia Semuel; Welerubun, Marcelina; Naharia, Orbanus; Kapahang, Ardi
2018-03Molecular identification of house fly, Musca domestica L. (Diptera : Muscudae), using mitochondrial DNA partial genes cytochrome oxidase sub unit 1 (CO1) in Manado cityRotty, Ivonne E; Pinontoan, Odi; Tulung, Max; Rumengan, Inneke; Mokosuli, Yermia Semuel
2019-07Myostatin mRNA Expression and its Association with Carcass and Body Weight of Local Pigs from the Islands in North Sulawesi, IndonesiaMege, Revolson Alexius; Mokosuli, Yermia Semuel; Manampiring, Nonny; Rayer, Debby; Montolalu, Friska Mery
2019-08Philogenic Relationship of Wild Pigs and Local Pig from North Sulawesi Based on the Growth Hormone Gene (GH Gene)Revolson, Alexius Mege; Mokosuli, Yermia Semuel; Rayer, Debby Jacqueline Jochebed; Adil, Ellen Hetie; Rompas, Christny; Manampiring, Nony; Montolalu, Merry
2017-09The position of species and the reconstruction of phylogeny trees of Tahuna nutmeg based on the rbcL gene DNA chloroplastNanlohy, Fanny Nella; Mokosuli, Yermia Semuel; Yalindua, Aser; Rambi, Elne Vieke
2017-02Potential antioxidant and anticancer effect of Apis dorsata Binghami Crude Venom from Minahasa, North SulawesiMokosuli, Yermia Semuel; Repi, Rudi Alexander; Worang, Rantje Lilly
2018-01Traditional rice field rat (Rattus-rattus brevicaudatus) control with "lateng ngiu" (Laportea stimulans) leaf and its implementation in irrigated rice field ecosystemOka, Dewa Nyoman; Sumampouw, Herry M; Mokosuli, Yermia Semuel