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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014-12-13Capacities in Facing Natural Hazards: A Small Island PerspectiveRampengan, Mercy M. F.; Boedhihartono, Agni Klintuni; Law, Lisa; Gaillard, J. C.; Sayer, Jeffrey
2020Character Formation through Civic Education Learning ProcessPangalila, Theodorus; Tuerah, Javier; Umar, Mardan
2018Characteristics from Recycled of Zinc Anode used as a Corrosion Preventing Material on Board ShipB Barokah 1, S Semin 2* , D D Kaligis 1 , J Huwae 1 , M Z Fanani 1; Rompas, Parabelem Tinno Dolf
2018-06Characteristics of fatty acids, in local minahasa pigs, north SulawesiAdil, Ellen Hettie; Mege, Revolson Alexius; Mokosuli, Yermia Semuel
2016Characterization of Liquid Smoke from Coconut Shell as a Natural Pesticide for Hexamitodera Semivelutinia Beetle on Clove TreesSantoso, Rachmat S.
2018Children’s Story Books: Introducing Cultural Hybridity, Shaping Intercultural Sensitivity for Foreign Language Young Learners (An Observation to Gramedia Books in 2017)Maru, Mister Gideon; Tulus, Arie; Dukut, Ekawati; Liando, Nihta V. F; Mangare, Jans; Mamentu, Agustine
2020-01Citizen Participation in the Democratic Process in West Papua (The Study on the Waisai Community of Raja Ampat Regency)Biringan, Julien; Umar, Mardan
2018Clashing Concepts of Freedom in Kathryn Stockett’s The HelpTampi, Carolin M; Mamentu, Clara; Liando, Nihta V. F
2014The Coastal Platform Morphodynamics Characteristics Belang Bay, North Sulawesi ProvinceKumaat, Joyce Christian; Kandoli, Sontje Tonly Boy; Moningkey, Agnes Tenly
2018-04Community economies in Monsoon Asia: Keywords and key reflectionsGibson, Katherine; Astuti, Rini; Carnegie, Michelle; Chalernphon, Alanya; Dombroski, Kelly; Haryani, Agnes Ririn; Hill, Ann; Kehi, Balthasar; Law, Lisa; Lyne, Isaac; McGregor, Andrew; McKinnon, Katharine; McWilliam, Andrew; Miller, Fiona; Than, Wynn Lei Lei; Wianti, Nur Isiyana Wianti; Ngin, Chanrith; Occena-Gutierrez, Darlene; Palmer, Lisa; Placino, Pryor; Rampengan, Mercy M. F.; Wright, Sarah
2019Community Participation in Child Protection in the City of TomohonUmbase, Ruth; Lonto, Apeles Lexi
2018Community partnership program (CPP): family prosperity construction (FPC) group of Rasi village, Ratahan district, southeast Minahasa: training on cavendish banana (musa acuminata, sp) flour production and m. acuminate flour-based biscuitLihiang, Anatje
2018Comparative Analysis of Extract, Transformation and Loading (ETL) ProcessRuntuwene, Julyeta P. A.; Tangkawarow, Irene R. H. T.; Manoppo, C T M; Salaki, R J
2020-05-29A Comparative of business process modelling techniquesTangkawarow, I R H T; Waworuntu, J
2011Comparing Models GRM, Refraction Tomography and Neural Network to Analyze Shallow LandslideSompotan, Armstrong
2020Compatibility between Microclimate Parameters in the Characterisation and Monitoring of Forest Ecosystem Conditions and Environmental InteractionsMedellu, Christophil S.
2017-08The Competence Readiness of the Electrical Engineering Vocational High School Teachers in Manado towards the ASEAN Economic Community Blueprint in 2025Tasiam, F. J.; Kustono, Djoko; Purnomo; Elmunsyah, Hakkun
2018Competitive Intelligence framework for Increasing Competitiveness Vocational High School ManagementPalilingan, Verry Ronny; Batmetan, Johan Reimon
2018The Concept of the Relationship between Information System Maturity and Industry Performance in IndonesiaPalilingan, Verry Ronny; Mario, T P